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Landmark education is administered by Landmark Education LLC (LE). Landmark Education is an advanced type of learning that improves on the value of contemporary learning. It changes the general attitudes that people maintain. These attitudes relate to ourselves, our circumstances as well as the members of society that we interact with. Landmark Education alters the rigid attitudes that people have towards other people, work and success. It differs from standard learning because of its different methods of usage. Students are encouraged to choose transformative learning instead of informative learning. It is found that a lot of educational institutions offer information to their students. Few of these institutions ensure that each student or trainee is equipped with the right attitudes towards their careers. The result is that the products of these institutions are ill-equipped to deal with challenges and prosper.

Landmark education seeks to clear the fictional barriers that people semi-consciously embrace as real. Landmark education begins with an introductory course known as Landmark forum. The Landmark forum exposes individuals to the reality of their thoughts about life. People who think that they are open-minded are made to realize that they are more rigid than they thought they were. Very little emphasis is laid on transforming the students into highly motivated members of society.

Learners of Landmark education are given an introductory course known as Landmark forum. Landmark forum creates an opportunity for an education that enables ordinary people to change their attitudes and bring about positive change in their careers. At the end of this introductory course the participants are able to determine whether they will continue with the ordinary Landmark education course. The Landmark forum looks into several aspects of life and our attitudes towards it. The Landmark forum takes into account the hidden power of context. These are the hidden contexts which we live by and they determine what we choose to see, what we dont see and what we choose not to see. Landmark education is available in more than 20 countries. There are more than 100 locations where one can benefit from Landmark education. The Landmark forum occurs in a workshop setting. This can be a meeting facility such as a hotel conference room located in a large metropolitan area. Landmark education participants are supposed to find venues and dates that are convenient to them.

The Landmark forum takes place over three days. It typically includes an evening session. These sessions usually run from Friday up to Sunday. The program concludes on Tuesday evening. All days begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at around 10:00 p.m. Breaks are issued every 3 or so hours. There is also a 90-minute dinner break. Bathroom visits are discouraged while the course is underway. Participants are encouraged to sit tight so that they can reap the maximum benefits from the training. The evening session usually takes place from 7:00 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. The Landmark forum course has been pursued by people from six continents. These include North America, Europe and Africa.
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