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Landmark education is a California based development company operating in over 20 countries and over 115 locations. The company was set up in the year 1991 and has since then been offering its services to thousands of people worldwide. Here is some information on the company that may help you decide whether their programs are right for you or not.

The introductory course is known as the Landmark forum and aims at helping people realize their true potential. This introductory course is offered to groups of about 150 people who are taken through seminars and educated on ways to view life from a different angle. Other courses offered by this company include the Landmark seminar, Landmark self expression and leadership programs and finally Landmark advanced. All these programs cater to different areas in a persons life to help them be able to face lifes challenges and finally achieve life time goals. All these programs are available over a certain period of time depending on the country they are being offered from.

The company has in different occasions been referred to as a cult which the managers were quick to deny. The managers also claimed that Landmark Education has over 200,000 graduates each year from all over the world and that a majority of them have had their lives changed by the programs.

Different reviews on websites have peoples views on the companys services and its pretty obvious that there is some truth in what Landmark Education says about their services.

With very effective ways of delivering their messages, the employees from Landmark Education are able to offer people a whole new approach towards life making them realize their true potential. This is done through natural ways of delivering messages such as direct observation, story telling and even real life experiences from some of the outstanding leaders of the Landmark team.

The courses are delivered in a very friendly environment where everyone is offered the chance to offer their views and past experiences.

Another factor that makes these courses so effective is the fact that they target both personal and professional areas in ones life. This means that they will have a way of addressing whatever motivation you are looking for in your life.

Most people fail to reach their goals and dreams simply because they are not confident enough. Fear and anxiety will definitely stop a person from standing their ground when different challenges normal to life come their way. Landmark Education also aims at helping a person face these challenges confidently.

Though the company is not able to remove your fears, it is able to make you face them and eventually learn how to be confident in different situations during your day to day life. The programs are proven to be effective and anyone with the notion that the company is a religious cult should wipe that thought out of their minds.

These are inspiring programs that are aimed at removing self limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your dreams.

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Landmark Education.

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This article was published on 2011/03/30